Vertiliner - Innovative Schachtsanierung

Benefits of the Vertiliner® system

The key advantages

Using the Vertiliner® innovative manhole lining system will bring you numerous benefits:

  • Trenchless manhole rehabilitation - no excavation or raising of the cone required
  • No water holdback necessary
  • Unaffected by weather - renovation can be carried out all year round
  • Independent of subsoil - little effort and expense required for preparation
  • Completed fast - an installation time of around 3 hours means the manhole is only out of action for a very short time and roads do not need to stay closed for long periods
  • Suitable for hard-to-access terrain
  • High structural stability - provides structural support to the existing structure, making it ideal for use in locations that experience exceptional loads such as airports
  • Resistant to pressurised water
  • Resistant to chemicals - an advantage on industrial sites, for example
  • Flexibility and accurate fit - matches the geometry of the existing structure
  • Durable - expected lifespan of around 50 years
  • Verifiable quality - thanks to a simple sampling process that does not damage the renovated structure
  • Economical - much cheaper than excavation or manhole renovation

... and the highest quality standards are met too:

  • Preassembling the product in the factory ensures consistent manufacturing conditions.
  • A high, consistent standard is guaranteed by continuous quality tests of raw products. Ultimately, this means that the outcome of renovation work can be predicted in advance, providing assurance at the planning stage.

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