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Our philosophy

Vertiliner® - the thinking behind the idea

Our philosophy

The philosophy of our company’s founder Peter Eschenbrenner

It is with pride that I look back on the past few years – years that I spent always looking to the future. Specifically, to the continued development of the service I was providing and to technical solutions that were already ahead of their time. And certainly not to those that would soon be passé. In our industry more so than any other, this foresight is crucially important – the clear vision and approach taken by my company.

My philosophy is not to copy what others have done but rather to create products using a completely new technical solution. Although the competition will usually come up with similar products, albeit with a certain time lag, my basic motto is this: I go my own way and ignore what other people are doing – something that my international patent demonstrates.

Delivering quality, improving an application that already exists and developing innovation: that’s my own personal mission statement. And this is why it’s important for us to source our suppliers and partners carefully and run our own production in house. With Vertiliner®, I don’t see myself as competing with the standard coating methods but rather with manhole rehabilitation and lining techniques.

A. Secret. Service.

We’re located somewhere in Germany. Or is it Belgium? The Netherlands? France? Luxembourg? Switzerland? Finland? Norway? Oman? Austria? Poland?

Wherever we are, we’re underground and completely hidden from view.

We’ll gladly show you what we can do... The Vertiliner® system.

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