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Relining method

Relining method

The relining method, generally just called relining for short, is a technique for refurbishing sewer manholes. As a form of trenchless sewer rehabilitation, it offers better value for money than the open cut trench method. This state-of-the-art rehab...


Trenchless sewer rehabilitation

Trenchless sewer rehabilitation

Trenchless sewer rehabilitation is a way of renovating manholes that offers long-term value for money. An extremely innovative technique that lends itself well to quality checks, it is used for refurbishing sewer manholes. Trenchless rehabilitation ...

Tube lining

Tube lining is a refurbishment technique that is used to rehabilitate sewers and, specifically, manholes. It is a practical alternative to the conventional open cut trench method of sewer construction. Harnessing the power of UV curing, manhole syste...