Vertiliner - Innovative Schachtsanierung

Our base in Germany

Innovation made in Germany

From its base in Plattling in Lower Bavaria, the premium provider Vertiliner® supplies its innovative manhole lining to its core market of Germany as well as further afield, primarily to other European countries. Our German site in Plattling gives us sufficient capacity to guarantee full production for our manhole liner orders. Its direct link to the motorway puts it in the perfect location for ensuring that deliveries arrive quickly and without any problems.

Sales operations in Germany and abroad

Sales operations for the Vertiliner® manhole lining in its core market of Germany are also based in Plattling and are thus organised centrally. A limited number of strategically selected partners are on hand in each region to handle installation and organisation in Germany’s individual federal states.

Our sales activities abroad make use of our partnerships with experienced, well-known specialists.

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