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Trenchless manhole rehabilitation

The innovative Vertiliner® method is quick, flexible and economical

Vertiliner® is an innovative manhole liner system for lining vertical manholes to a professional standard. The patented technique behind it enables trenchless manhole rehabilitation.

First of all, a seamless tube made from glass-fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) and impregnated with resin is inserted and then cured using UV light. Right at the production stage, the changes in cross-section already present or required inside the manhole are worked flexibly into the tube in line with individual measurements, meaning that no excavation or raising of the cone is required.

The cost-effective system is used for vertical standard manholes, for rectangular manholes and for manholes of variable cross-section. It delivers the following key benefits:

  • Unaffected by weather
  • Independent of subsoil
  • Completed fast
  • High structural stability
  • Resistant to pressurised water
  • Durable

See how Vertiliner® works in real life.


Our manhole liner method




Gedanken zur Standsicherheit vertikaler Liner in Schächten - Fachbeitrag in der KA Korrespondenz Abwasser, Abfall - Nr. 10


Gedanken zur Standsicherheit vertikaler Liner in Schächten - Fachbeitrag in der KA Korrespondenz Abwasser, Abfall - Nr. 10

Die Verbandzeitschrift KA Korrespondenz Abwasser, Abfall hat einen Fachbeitrag in der Ausgabe Nr. 10 / Oktober 2018 veröffentlicht, in dem der Au...


"Auskleiden statt beschichten" überzeugt in Bremerhaven - Pressebericht im Magazin bi-UmweltBau 1/18

Das Fachmagazin bi-UmweltBau zeigt in der Ausgabe 1/18 das erste gemeinsame Projekt mit unserem Partner Diringer & Scheidel Rohrsanierng in Bremer...

Ersteinsatz in Stendal - Pressebericht im Magazin bi-UmweltBau 1/17


Ersteinsatz in Stendal - Pressebericht im Magazin bi-UmweltBau 1/17

Die Firma Frisch und Faust aus Berlin ist unser neuer Kooperationspartner. Das Fachmagazin bi-UmweltBau stellt in der Ausgabe 1/17 den Ersteinsatz in ...

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From Germany out into the world

We supply the Vertiliner® system to the domestic and international markets from our production site in Germany. Although most of our customers and partners are to be found in our core region of Europe, we also have contacts all over the world. This ensures that our pioneering manhole rehabilitation technology reaches ever more far-flung corners of the globe.

 Our international activities

Glossary - An A to Z of useful information

In-depth insights into the main concepts used in manhole rehabilitation

Relining method

Relining method

The relining method, generally just called relining for short, is a technique for refurbishing sewer manholes. As a form of trenchless sewer rehabilitation, it offers better value for money than the open cut trench method. This state-of-the-art rehab...

Trenchless sewer rehabilitation

Trenchless sewer rehabilitation

Trenchless sewer rehabilitation is a way of renovating manholes that offers long-term value for money. An extremely innovative technique that lends itself well to quality checks, it is used for refurbishing sewer manholes. Trenchless rehabilitation ...

Tube lining

Tube lining

Tube lining is a refurbishment technique that is used to rehabilitate sewers and, specifically, manholes. It is a practical alternative to the conventional open cut trench method of sewer construction. Harnessing the power of UV curing, manhole syste...

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