Trenchless sewer rehabilitation

Trenchless sewer rehabilitation is a way of renovating manholes that offers long-term value for money. An extremely innovative technique that lends itself well to quality checks, it is used for refurbishing sewer manholes.

Trenchless rehabilitation has generally been found to cost much less than the conventional open cut trench method.

Cheaper thanks to lower direct and indirect costs

Here are just some of the cost-saving benefits of trenchless construction that reduce direct costs:

  • There is less or even no need to dig up any roads.
  • Excavating and removing sizeable volumes of soil is not required.
  • Pipes and cables do not need to be rerouted as much, if at all.
  • Groundwater holdback can be minimised or even done away with entirely.

Trenchless sewer rehabilitation can also help to cut indirect costs:

  • The faster processing and simpler construction mean that traffic is less affected and less restricted, which can also reduce the risk of an accident.
  • The trenchless method is unaffected by weather, meaning less downtime.
  • Noise pollution and emissions are reduced, helping to ensure that any local residents or businesses are only affected marginally, if at all.
  • Adjacent buildings are less at risk of damage.
  • Surrounding vegetation is protected.

Even more cost-effective under non-standard conditions

In non-standard environments involving e.g. expensive road surfaces, soil replacement measures or high groundwater levels, trenchless sewer rehabilitation is significantly more cost-effective even at relatively shallow depths.

Trenchless sewer rehabilitation

Trenchless sewer rehabilitation

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